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Susan Violante Managing Editor

The New Year is always motivating as we focus on finally doing what we couldn’t do. This is true for writers’ publishing projects and dreams. Unfortunately, for many who begin their projects, holding on to the new year enthusiasm loses momentum as their daily lives unravel. But how can we avoid giving up on our publishing goals? By taking charge…one step at a time! Here are some tips on taking charge to reach your publishing goals this year:

  • Take the time to plan and schedule publication. Create a plan and schedule each phase of the process. This will not only help identify all stages necessary for a successful project…it will also allow for better marketing and PR planning by incorporating reviewers, awards, and other necessary timing items and deadlines into the publishing plan.
  • Plan your marketing and schedule so that a buzz is created before the book launch. Many Indie writers overlook this step as they are eager to get their book out. However, I recommend they invest in marketing 6 months before book is launched (after it has been professionally edited) so they can get reviews from big and small reviewers and include some as endorsements on the back cover and praise page.
  • Create and sync a budget for your plan. This will make sure you don’t fall short on the important stages of publishing and marketing. Be mindful of which tasks are better outsourced to professionals and which to take on yourself.
  • Pace yourself and be persistent. Sometimes it is better to be patient and launch the book at the right marketing time than rush to get it out. But it is always a win to be persistent and keep at it through social media, events, promotions…etc.

Taking charge of your dreams and goals is not that difficult if you keep the focus on the finish line while advancing step by step.

2 thoughts on “2019 Writing for Publication – Take Charge!

  1. I’m in the process of starting my PR plan. I decided that trying the Indie Author route out will be good for me. Thank you for posts, I’m always looking for tips, tricks, and marking hacks for the best launch possible.

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