Month: November 2019

The Reading Cornucopia

Skyler BoudreauEditorial Contributor/Reviewer The word “cornucopia” is derived from two Latin words; “cornu,” meaning “horn” and “copia” meaning “plenty.” And thus, the “Horn of Plenty” is born. It is a symbol of harvest, typically representing a large bounty. The cornucopia...Read More

Interview with Steve Bassett – Author of “Payback: Tales of Love, Hate, and Revenge”

PAYBACK – TALES OF LOVE HATE AND REVENGE Steve BassettSteve Bassett (2019)ISBN 9781087800332Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (9/19) About Steve Bassett: Talk about far-fetched, in getting from back there to here, I meandered along a circuitous path that...Read More

Inspiration, a Secret, and the 2019-2020 Literary Awards Program

Sheri HoyteManaging Editor If you’ve ever talked with me you know how passionate I am about working with and promoting Indie authors – you inspire me! Every. Single. Day. It’s so rewarding being able to do what I love, and...Read More

What to Disclose in the Synopsis: Reader Reactions to Surprises

Sheri HoyteManaging Editor We received an email from one of our reviewers recently with the following message: I was concerned that the synopsis of the book did not mention the part of the story in which the author is dealing...Read More

Author Bios and Self Presentation – Your “Hello” to the Reader

Sheri HoyteManaging Editor Hi All! This article was originally posted by us some time ago at Reader Views but the content warrants a re-posting. I personally connected with the part about being human in your bio and writing like you...Read More