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Interview with Don Gutteridge – Author of Lily Fairchild

Interview with Don Gutteridge – Author of Lily Fairchild

Lily Fairchild Don GutteridgeTablo Publishing (2019)ISBN 9781970160697 Don Gutteridge was born in Sarnia and raised in the nearby village of Point Edward. He taught High School English for seven years, later becoming a Professor in the Faculty of Education at...Read More

Legacy Books – Preserving the Stories that Matter the Most

Susan ViolanteManaging Editor This past week we received the horrible news that my mother is terminal ill. Since then she has been in a rush mode to say and share everything with us. Not just about her life and life...Read More

Using Dialogue to Bring Your Story to Life

Susan ViolanteManaging Editor After over 20 years of working on my writing, I have learned that dialogue is the most important tool available when telling a story. We can use the dialogue to describe, inform, show action, establish mood, and...Read More

Interview with Patrick Finegan – Author of Cooperative Lives

COOPERATIVE LIVESPatrick FineganTwo Skates Publishing (2019)ISBN 9781733902526Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (1/20) Patrick Finegan was born during the latter half of the Eisenhower Administration and graduated during the Carter and Reagan Administrations from Northwestern University and the University...Read More

Digital Magazine Ads – Why and When They Should Be Used

Susan ViolanteManaging Editor Publicity strategizing many times includes advertising in print format publications or digital magazines. But how can we decide when, where and how? With the relaunch of our old book catalog into a new digital magazine format this...Read More


Ben Green – Editorial Assistant and Reviewer This post will address one very simple issue that I see constantly with book cover designs. That issue is simply color. You can pick virtually any color you want for your book cover. ...Read More