Book Reviews – An Author’s Best Friend (Even when not-so-positive)

Susan ViolanteManaging Editor All authors worst nightmares are bad reviews. But should we really fear them? Granted, the best scenario would be for all writers to receive all five stars reviews, even for their first book. But realistically most of...Read More

Marketing and Charity…Can they go together?

Susan ViolanteManaging Editor This is a sensitive topic as many believe that using charity to get the attention of the media is unethical.  I thought the same thing, but after giving it some thought I changed my mind. If it’s...Read More

Inspiration, a Secret, and the 2019-2020 Literary Awards Program

Sheri HoyteManaging Editor If you’ve ever talked with me you know how passionate I am about working with and promoting Indie authors – you inspire me! Every. Single. Day. It’s so rewarding being able to do what I love, and...Read More

What to Disclose in the Synopsis: Reader Reactions to Surprises

Sheri HoyteManaging Editor We received an email from one of our reviewers recently with the following message: I was concerned that the synopsis of the book did not mention the part of the story in which the author is dealing...Read More

Author Bios and Self Presentation – Your “Hello” to the Reader

Sheri HoyteManaging Editor Hi All! This article was originally posted by us some time ago at Reader Views but the content warrants a re-posting. I personally connected with the part about being human in your bio and writing like you...Read More

NaNoWriMo is Coming! But Why Write a Book in a Month?

Sheri HoyteManaging Editor NaNoWriMo 2019 is coming, and the results from last year’s event are staggering!  According to The NaNoWriMo Blog, there were 287,327 participants and 35,387 winners. The number of words written in November 2018 was 2,791,454,312 and those...Read More

“What Have You Done for YOU Lately? Self-Care for Authors

Sheri HoyteManaging Editor How many of you take time out every day for yourself? I don’t mean time out to write or time to promote and market your book on social media - that’s not time out for yourself, but...Read More