Instructions for Posting an Editorial Review on

Sign into your Author Central account.  If you don’t have one, you can do so on:

(Instructions taken from

  1. Log in to Author Central.
  2. Click the Books tab at the top of the page.
  3. Click on the book you are updating editorial reviews for. Under Editorial Reviews, there are three possible links:
    • If there is no review yet:            
      1. Click Add and follow the instructions at the top of the Add review window to enter the text of the review.                
        • If  you are entering a Review, you must also enter the review source. This  is the name of the person who wrote the review and the name of the  publication, website, or forum in which the review appeared.
        • If  you are entering From the Author, From the Inside Flap, From the Back  Cover, or About the Author, you do not need to enter a source. 
      2. Click Preview and review your entry.
      3. When you’re satisfied, click Save changes.       
    • If there is a review you can edit:          
      1. Click Edit and make the desired changes to the text.
      2. Click Preview and review the entry.
      3. When you’re satisfied, click Save changes
    • If we have manually edited your Editorial Review in the past:      
      1. Click Request a correction and follow the instructions on the form.
      2. We will make the updates for you.