We, along with many other reviews sites, bloggers, and  individual reviewers, have been banned from posting reviews on  because, according to them, we’ve violated their guidelines.  For example, Midwest Book Review, one of the  largest and most known review services has been banned.  They are known to give free reviews and are  highly regarded in the industry.  Yet, continues to keep many reviewers that have blatantly violated the  guidelines. 

Some of us that have been banned have book review sites and  offer other services besides free reviews or those included in the publicity  package. claims this is in  violation of their guidelines, however; they themselves are violating their own  guidelines by offering outrageously priced book reviews.  As owners of CreateSpace they offer paid  reviews. As well, there are many other review sites that charge enormous  fees. 
We feel have banned us because we are in direct  competition with them and our fees are tremendously lower than theirs.

That said, authors/publishers are able to post excerpts of  the review we provide under Editorial Reviews through the Author Central  account on  Many authors have  done this as they feel the excerpt has more credibility in the Editorial Section than  it would have in the review section. Instructions to post excerpt under Editorial Reviews.

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