Using Dialogue to Bring Your Story to Life

Susan ViolanteManaging Editor After over 20 years of working on my writing, I have learned that dialogue is the most important tool available when telling a story. We can use the dialogue to describe, inform, show action, establish mood, and...Read More

The Trumpet Lesson – An Interview with Author Dianne Romain

The Trumpet Lesson – An Interview with Author Dianne Romain Dianne Romain grew up in Missouri and studied philosophy at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. After completing her PhD in Philosophy at UC Berkeley, she taught feminist ethics and philosophy of emotion at Sonoma State University and published Thinking Things...Read More

Interview with Gary D. McGugan – Author of Pernicious Pursuit

PERNICIOUS PURSUIT Gary D. McGuganIndependently Published (2020)ISBN: 9781999565640Interview by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (05/2020) Gary D. McGugan loves to tell stories and is the author of Three Weeks Less a Day, The Multima Scheme, Unrelenting Peril and Pernicious Pursuit. Whether sharing a vision with...Read More

Interview with Colleen M. Story, Author of Writer Get Noticed!

Writer Get Noticed!Colleen M. StoryMidChannel Press (2019)ISBN 9780999099124 Colleen M. Story inspires writers to overcome modern-day challenges and find creative fulfillment in their work. Her first non-fiction book, Overwhelmed Writer Rescue, was named Book by Book Publicity’s Best Writing/Publishing Book...Read More

An Interview with Sharon D. Ballentine, Author of A Look Behind Lightning

A LOOK BEHIND LIGHTNING Sharon D. BallentineGatekeeper Press (2019)ISBN: 9781642377057Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (03/2020) Sharon D. Ballentine started reading at an early age and always knew she wanted to write.  But it wasn't until her junior year...Read More

Payback: Tales of Love, Hate, and Revenge – An Interview with Author Steve Bassett

Payback: Tales of Love, Hate, and Revenge – An Interview with Author Steve Bassett Steve Bassett was born, raised and educated in New Jersey, and, although far removed during a career as a multiple award-winning journalist, he has always been proud of the sobriquet, Jersey Guy. He has written for several publications, including the...Read More

An Interview with Jennifer Butenas, Author of A Family Walk

Jennifer Butenas taught early elementary school before choosing to stay at home and raise her three children.  She has a Masters in Education with specializations in Curriculum, Instruction and Literacy. Currently she resides in southern New Hampshire where, in addition...Read More