Book Reviews – An Author’s Best Friend (Even when not-so-positive)

Susan ViolanteManaging Editor All authors worst nightmares are bad reviews. But should we really fear them? Granted, the best scenario would be for all writers to receive all five stars reviews, even for their first book. But realistically most of...Read More

Middle Grade for the Middle Aged! (or literally any age – I just wanted a catchy title)

Skyler BoudreauReviewer/Editorial Contributor Anyone who has ever walked into any bookstore or library has seen that rather than allowing the books to roam free and find their own ways to prospective readers, the staff of the respective bookish establishment instead...Read More

Are Literary Awards and Book Reviews Relevant to Sales?

Susan ViolanteManaging Editor We all know that many readers check the reviews before deciding on a book, so no wonder most authors rush out to get book review requests even before the launch of their new title. We also know,...Read More